The Defintion of Marriage being destroyed


“We always knew the government would tie itself in knots trying to redefine marriage, and this shows what a ridiculous mess they’ve created,”

First there were homosexual couples trying to destroy the meaning of marriage between a man and woman, now it's going to go as far as the man can be the wife and the male the husband.


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I feel sorry for kids who get taught that this is something normal, another generation is going to grow up worse than the previous one with a society condemned to political correctness, all meaning of anything ends up breaking down
Ok no one is actually reading the question,

the government wants to remove the label of "wife" and "husband" so that a female can be the husband and the man can be the wife


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  • Gay marriage doesn't ruin marriage. I don't understand that thinking... your life isn't affected AT ALL if the gay couple down the street happens to be married as well. Sigh...

    • you haven't even bothered to read the question... the government wants to remove the label of man and woman now in marriage

    • I understand that. It still doesn't affect you, not at all.

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    • who said I'm even religious? you haven't actually bothered to read the question

    • the definition of marriage that excludes gays is a religious one,if there was no religion-there would be no problem with gays having a right to visit each other at a hospital and adopting

    • so what? they're words,words mean what we want them to mean. if they want to call a chair a fourleggedassleaner I don't care,it's the same thing

  • I don't agree with you, how can you think that's destruction of marriage?

  • Please explain how gays getting married affects marriage between a man and a woman?


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  • Gay marriage has no solitary definition as xzinax2's link points out, it has be defined and redefined across many different cultures, religions and ever since one person pledged themselves to another... basically since the beginning of mankind. So for you to even suggest that this definition you're thinking of is THE definition is just flat out arrogance and ignorant at its finest.

    Gay people are going to be marrying each other quite often. you better just get used to it. you are in the minority now.

  • lol at people thinking they know the definition of marriage.

    Fun fact: Marriage existed before any of the modern religions. Lol at idiots in the UK Government. Seem like idiots in the US Government.

  • If you don't want one, don't take one. Don't try to stop others from getting it.

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