Have feelings for hot neighbour girl and not sure what to do about it

i've fallen for this girl hard , totally have a thing for her , she 's a great girl and I'm totally sexually attracted to her so much that it can drive a bit nuts at times .my feelings are so strong I was today having this fantasy dream about us getting engaged and what it be like to have engagment pictures taken and how amazing that would feel .

but I did some stuiped things and I tried to meet and talked to a couple of her gf's so she might think I like them instead . I'm not really sure if she is interested or if I even have a chance with her . I don't know what to do . should I try and possibly fail ? should I just forget about her ?


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  • Talk to her casually, if she's your neighbour, it shouldn't be too hard to bump into her, maybe even throw her a compliment - maybe say she looks nice and ask if she's going out somewhere? (casual comment so you won't be too embarrassed but girls love a compliment). If you stress out too much about speaking to her then it will show - be confident (but not arrogant), make eye contact and smile. You can gradually build up interaction with her and see what happens (she's only human, I'm sure she doesn't bite) Good luck :-)

    • i do see her around but usually she's just jogging down the street not sure I'd feel comfortable talking to her then . she used to work at the variety store and I saw her there a bit but she has a new job and I'm not sure where . but I do agree I need to talk to her more , my conversations with her friends went OK but not having as good of ones with her yet

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    • You don't have to immediately start jogging with her, Sussex out her route then it will be easy to bump into her. If you don't run already, ask for advice ... you can always play the 'dude in distress' card and fake cramp in your calf muscle so she helps you haha

    • That was meant to be suss out her route (live in Sussex in the UK and my predictive text took over!)

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  • ask her out!

  • jsut be honest and tell her you like her.

  • just try to talk to her


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