Is it possible for a man to love more than one woman?

What if the man is married, and finds himself attracted to another. He has never attempted to have an sexual contact with the new girl, just visits her often and sends messages to wish her well. He says he's in a good marriage, and wouldn't dare make a move to instigate something he'll regret, or disrespect his wife or the girl. He and the girl have tried to stay away from each other but the plan never goes through. He just shows up at her place of work pretending to look for things when she know its only an excuse - he has everything he needs. What if this has been going on for over 2 years? Is he in love?


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  • No. He is bored for some reason with his marriage and the other girl needs to tell the guy that he needs to stay away from her. Because I know the other girl is a good person and would not want to be a home wrecker and do something stupid with the guy. If the guy had any morals he would not be interested in the other girl and would stay away. Think about the wife at home who has no idea she married an ass that wants the other girl. Stay a good person and tell him no and to go home to his wife and be happy and to honor his vows he made in front of God. :)

  • I think it's possible to love more than one person. I think it's more an issue of self-control. I pretty much have to stay away from other people I am romantically attracted to - I just don't have that kind of will power. But I think others are capable of it, depending on their sex drive (I hypothesize) and whether it can take them over or not.