I can't help but get sad when all my friends get engaged.

I am at that age where all of my friends (literally even the younger ones) are getting engaged. Me and my boyfriend have a wedding every other weekend and I read about all of the engagements on Facebook.

The problem is, I have been wanting to get engaged for a while now. I truly love my boyfriend and I know he is my soulmate. I can't help but get sad when I hear from someone that they have gotten engaged. My boyfriend notices when I get sad and the other day he started talking about our wedding and how many people we would invite etc. It did cheer me up a bit but I don't want him to just be saying these things to make me feel better. I have no idea what he feels.

When we are shopping I walk past the jewelry shops and stop to look at rings but he doesn't even look at them, he ignores it.

Am I approaching this the wrong way? If your'e a guy, what does this behavior mean?


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  • I think you are feeling what a lot of women your age feel. I'm turning 24 in a month and most of my friends are married with several kids now. I am the odd girl out, I'm the only one of my friends who has a career. I get treated like a baby by my friends because apparently despite having a job, my own car and my own place, I have no idea what life is really like in the adult world :S

    I feel for you, I really do because I also get sad when I see engagements. I mean don't get me wrong, I am happy for them. I really truly am! But a tiny part of me is thinking "what's so wrong with me that I am not getting engaged also? Am I just not good enough?"

    It's frustrating when you are one of the last girls of your group to get married. I'm starting to feel like it's just not going to happen for me :( I'll be the woman with all the cats. I love cats, but I want a partner.

    The best thing you can do is invest in yourself. Go to the gym, read books, do things you enjoy, take a class, apply for a new job. Do something that gets you feeling good about yourself.

    You may not be engaged now, but you will be married one day :) You are more attractive to a guy if you have a lot going for you.


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  • It's normal for you to have those feelings, but you cannot let them consume you. If you're happy with your boyfriend, enjoy the present with him. While you're so focused on the future with him, you're missing out on the here and now.

  • You're 18-24. I don't know what area you're living in that most people are getting married at your age. If you were five to ten years older, then I could understand. But you need to think about this rationally. If he really is your soul mate, you'll be married for thirty to sixty years, even if you don't get married for another ten years or so. And think about the financial aspects. You need to be financially secure to think about starting a family. Starting a family is tough especially in today's economy.

    • Most people are getting ENGAGED at my age, not married. I am turning 24. We are financially secure. But thanks, I understand.

    • WEll, OK, my answer is sitll the same though. I'm that age and I don't know anyone getting engaged.

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  • you're a d*** if you can't enjoy the happiness that your friends experience. Stop being a jealous douche. Learn to be happy for the people you supposedly care about. If you really love them, you wouldn't want to bring them down with your bitterness.

    Enjoy your relationship, and simply talk to your boyfriend. Tell him that you're ready to get engaged and ask him if he feels the same. You can't and shouldn't force marriage.If he's not ready, then he's not ready and you should respect that.

    If he is ready to take the next step, congratulations.

    • Nowhere in my question did I say that I wasn't happy for my friends. I only said that I felt sad. For myself.


  • yeah it is totally normal to feel that way ,especially when you love your boyfriend and that you think he is the one , you can even start questionning when will it be your turn .

    but anyway don't over think about that .Someday it will be you the engaged person and eventually the happy married woman :) leave it in to destiny, keep in mind that if it is meant to be with him it will be , no matter what . But you could never know when , only god does .so don't worry and just enjoy having a nice relationship and focus on the good things rather looking at the things that make you sad and remember there are single women at your age and it is not the end of the world , so consider that a good luck for you ;) You can give him hints and talk about engagement and see how would he react , maybe you both don't see it happenning at the same age , maybe he is not feeling ready etc.. anyway just talk to him with an open heart , no judgement ,no complaining , only understanding and I think that would make you more sure about your futur with him ,which I guess one of the reasons behind that sadness ..

    Take care :) best wishes

  • Aw baby girl, your man is just not ready to propose yet. He wants to make the moment special.

    Plus with all these engagements happening It's impossible everyone in your circle will be completely focused on you on your big day.

    So cheer up your'e young and, I'm sure with all these weddings you are attending you can make yours TWICE as better as your friends ;)

  • I know what you mean! Tons of my friends are getting engaged and married now, and my boyfriend of 3 years and I actually just broke up. It doesn't seem fair. But ultimately, he'll ask you if you're meant to be together, and you'll just have to wait til then. You can bring it up though, or at least see if he wants to get married. It seems like he does, he's just waiting for the right time. Hang in there!

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