Men/women around the world are opting out of children and marriage due to finances

More and more articles are coming up about men and women having no interest in marriage or children. (Google search "men opt out of marriage", Google search "women choosing to stay single".

Its mostly a phenomenon in developed nations, or quickly developing nations. On the issue of marriage women of Asia state that dating is complicated, and takes up too much time and resources. They don't have time to commit to relationships between their careers and education. Men of Asia have similar complaints, but they call the process of dating stressful.

Western women are choosing to stay single For similar reasons. Western men are choosing to stay single for similar reasons. Women who DO choose to date, prefer cohabitation to marriage especially in Europe. As a matter of fact, laws are changing to permit more legal rights to cohabitating couples, especially in regards to property.

In western and Asian countries both men and women blames lack of fiances in choosing to stay childless. In the Philippines and Taiwan men and women fear loosing their jobs to pregnancy and the birth of a child. The cost of living continues to go up as wages stay the same and longer hours are expected of laborers. Paternity leave is not honored by Employers, thus many men and women opt out of child rearing. In western countries paternity leave is permitted, but men and women fear financial stability, thus opt out of raising children. As they face a similar economic crisis where the cost of living far exceeds wages and available work.

What is your opinion of the world wide phenomenon of men/women opting out of children and marriage?

Do you believe it is a trend that will continue to grow or shrink?

Do you think our Economy will improve enough to stabilize human courtship again, or will it continue to lower diminishing our available time to find a partner?


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  • good. it's exactly what we need. human courtship doesn't have to be about being part of a dated and impractical institution not does it have to be about overpopulating the planet.


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  • To be perfectly honest it's a perfectly logical progression. We built a system that could not support the rate at which the population was growing and now we are reaping the consequences. It only makes sense.

  • Sounds good. It'll probably continue as a trend.I wish more women didn't want marriage. I feel pressured.


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  • It's like "why marry a cow if you can get the milk for free?". Or "why buy a pig for a little bit of sausage?".

    Makes sense to me

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