Would this be considered rude to say in a work place?

So at work, there's a manager I'm not particularly fond of, and he knows that. We used to be cool and would joke and whatever, but after certain things happen, that changed for me and he knows that. I'm no longer really talkative, brief when asked question etc. I'm still polite, but reserved. Now knowing this, he still tries to engage in small talk, and ask about questions that's really not work related. And honestly, I really don't feel like having to engage in conversation that's not work related with a person I do not like. So the next time he tries to engage in talk that's not work related, I plan on saying, I think it would be best, so if something I do or don't say doesn't come across wrong, that we should just keep topics work related. Is that reasonable? Or that too harsh?


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  • I see two choices. Either keep your mouth shut and try to get along with your boss, or start looking for a new job. You're being passive aggressive, and talking about becoming openly aggressive.

    Just because they need people doesn't mean anything. If an employee is being openly hostile there is a darn good chance of getting fired. Most companies just won't tolerate things like that. It sounds like the boss is making an attempt at reconciliation. You should put in some effort to do the same. If you can't do that you should start looking for another job.

    It doesn't matter how good of a worker you are or how badly they need people, if you cross certain lines they'll get rid of you. For all you know they already have plans of firing you because of the current situation. Companies won't always fire you right away but are waiting for a replacement. As soon as they they find a replacement you could be out of there. So think real hard before you escalate the problem to the next level.

    • Ok thanks for that pov. Question, how is that being hostile though? I'm still polite towards him and respectful, I just don't really try to further communication?

    • If it's obvious you don't like him and then you come right out and tell him you don't want to talk to him then that's being aggressive.

      You might be polite toward him and that's a plus. But like you said he already knows you don't like him. With some bosses that alone could be enough to get you fired.

      You don't have to be buddy buddy with him, but you want to do the best you can. What you are suggesting is escalating the situation, not moving to improve it.

    • Alright, thanks for the response.

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  • What caused the change of heart?

  • Do you want to keep your job or get all the sh*t work?

    • I see what you're getting at and I understand that point, but they need people right now, so firing wouldn't do them good and is unlikely they will, esp since he's a new guy and isn't the lead manager I don't think it would affect me too greatly. But you still think it would be ill-advised to say it?

    • He's not the lead mgr. now. Will he be in the future?

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