How many post college, pre-marriage adults live with roommates?

I just graduated from college. I am going to be working nights as a nurse. I have two very loud, intense friends that want to live with me... I feel bad, but I want to live alone. It's nothing against them at all, it's just that I prefer to have my own space.

I'll be working opposite hours as it is, so I feel like it makes more sense for me to be alone anyway.

Do other people have roommates? Any reason why you do or don't? I think it'd be nice to reduce costs, but... it would be so hard not getting in each others' ways. I think if I worked regular hours I'd be more up for it, but I won't do that for a while.

I don't want to hurt their feelings... I just feel like it won't work out well. My job really requires my whole mind and body and I can't afford to lose sleep. This isn't college.

  • I am out of college and not married and I live with roommate(s) that is not my significant other
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  • I live with a roommate because it does reduce costs and I don't have to live alone, so its a bit safer I guess

    Most post college, pre-marriage girls that I know live with a boyfriend. I don't know if you would consider that a roommate. However, I find that most post college, pre-marriage guys that I know either live by themselves or with a roommate(s). Maybe none of the guys I know have girlfriends or have them but don't want to live with them.

    Many also live with parents. I wish I had that option.

    • Hmm yeah, I wouldn't live with a boyfriend unless it were super serious.

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What Guys Said 2

  • Yea a lot of people do. When I was around 27 I had five room mates renting a big house ( big log cabin actually). Then again at 33-35 I had a room mate. I've known people in their 50s and 60s with room mate.

    The most common reason for room mates are to split costs, or just because some people don't like living alone. I like living alone myself. I also like living with someone, but I'm like you and wouldn't want noisy room mates. That would be a deal killer.

    I've gone back and forth with room mates (or live in gf) several times in my life. It always feels kinda weird when I first switch from one to the other, but I get used to it real fast.

    Sometimes it's nice to have someone to talk to. But it's also nice to get out of the shower with a good song playing and go dancing down the hall buck naked without worrying about who see me. :P

    • hahaha yeah, I'm a fan of the running down the hall naked and alone haha. Idk, I think I'll have to tell them no somehow. Idk. I need to think more. I just think I'd do better by myself.

  • One of my best friends is living with roommates post college. However, I think that's only because he's had trouble finding a job in his degree field, so he's stuck working a crap job that doesn't pay enough to live alone.

    • He'd rather live alone though?

    • I'm not really sure. I know that he can't afford to move out, but I'm not sure that he would move out if he could afford to, as he's very good friends with his roommates. I've never asked him.

    • oh gotcha. hm yeah. I guess I'll have to decide at some point.

What Girls Said 1

  • If you want to live on your own and can afford it, by all means do it! I personally could never live alone because I have anxiety. But hey, do what makes sense to you! You'll need your brain fully rested if you're gonna be working in a hospital. My roommate is a Nursing student. ;)

    • Aw, that's great! How far along is she in her program?

    • She's about to enter her final year! :)

    • Ohh that's exciting! My last year was the best!

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