What makes a girl seem like a wife material?

What qualitys makes you want to keep a girl for a long time

In another words what makes you want a girl as a girlfriend even

A future wife?


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  • Ok

    Listen ... You see all the answers from men here.. all different .. may be you can get some hints from them or some common theme .. but there is some stuff you should know..

    1- You have to believe and repeat the following '' There is no reason why I am not good enough''

    This phrase means... that the way you are right now.. is pretty much good enough for many men out there .. and may be surpassing their requirements. You as you are is enough. To make some man's dream girl .. not just for sex.. but for long term and hopefully lifelong relationship.

    2- Men evaluate girls.. is she a fun girl.. is she a relationship girl .. based on the vibe they get from girls themselves. Lets say you meet a guy... you have a nice conversation now its gonna drift to a new topic.. which would you choose for a topic.. the crazy party you have every week ? or a deep discussion about how people relate to each other? The first topic gives me the vibe you are not looking for something serious right now.. while the second gives me a vibe that you are a serious girl . It will force me to corner you into a relationship type target. And it would be awesome if you are serious about a relationship but can show you can give some fun time for the appropriate audience ;)

    3- Be assertive..but not bitchy. girls who don't have a backbone end up being led by a man's whim... hey.. we are human.. we have weaknesses.. if you don't show you have a say about the direction or the speed of the interaction.. the guy would take the relationship to a direction you don't want.

    4- Drunk moments don't make connection. You will not spend your life drunk and happy with your husband.. if you can't connect when sober. He is not for you . Don't get drunk and end up in his bed . He will not take you that seriously.

    5- Don't be afraid of abandonment. I get this vibe so much from girls. They are afraid of being alone. They get insecure about their decision. Guys pressure them. They compare themselves to their friends who got married etc etc .. remember .. '' There is no reason why you are not good enough'' don't settle.. you should feel happy , proud and at peace when you found your man . You deserve this. Now that doesn't mean he will fall from the sky.. it means you have to search for him by meeting and socializing. It is a numbers game .

    6- Return to point number 2 . it is important... men will categorize you based on how you project yourself and what you express as your goals , needs, ambitions etc.. .. stare far away as you are sitting with him on a bench in the park.. look in the horizon and picture your realistic worthy man .. describe him.. the guy sitting next to you will automatically compare himself to your dream guy ... bingo.. you just made him indirectly know if he has a shot with you or not .. if he finds he ticks your boxes he will make the advance.. if he was loooking for a fling he iwll get away .. if he didn't take you seriously before he will now.. ;)


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  • I've trimmed down the list to the absolute deal breakers. If a girl doesn't have these traits in any capacity, marriage is out of the question. listed most-to-least important.

    1. Emotionally strong: Marriage, family, life can get tough. I really need a wife that won't have a meltdown or split when things get tough. Need someone dependable.

    2. Someone loyal and committed to me. Some couples can work through a partner being unfaithful. I'm not very understanding when it comes to that. I would hope you wouldn't either.

    3. She's doesn't take herself to seriously. The idea of being with someone forever that barely smiles/laughs, always complaining just scares me. I'd rather be alone.

    4. There has to be some attraction between us and have a similar sex drive as I do.

    5. Can't be materialistic or too concerned with being wealthy. Hard to believe but being rich isn't a priority for me. Just want to be able to provide a comfortable life for my family.

  • I am looking for a woman that can bring value to my life just as I bring value to her's. I want someone that is my intellectual equal that can keep my ideas and ambition in focus. Someone that has her own passions and ambitions to pursue her own goals, so that she's not always piggybacking off mine. Someone who understands how much men value a SILENT moment together after a long day in the office. Someone who has the capability to kick some serious ass and hold the fort when I'm not there. Someone that can teach me something and learn something from me at the same time.

    Unfortunately, girls who fit the above descriptions are almost extinct.

    • Sometimes it won't hurt to tell the girl you like what you just wrote,

      Maybe she will try to be that. Communication is the key...

      Rather than just dropping the whole thing, assuming she's no good

    • I thought that was wonderfully put. <This girl appreciates it. Not extinct.

    • What I'm looking for can't be forced. How can you communicate someone into developing drive and passion and ambitions? How can you communicate the value of silence? I know I have set a very high benchmark, but I think that's the way it should be.

  • I feel like the biggest part of marriage is kids. Its when you stop living for yourself and start living for them, so a lot of it depends on what kind of parent she would be. So:

    Shared values (won't disagree on what to teach the kid.)

    Loyalty (will be there for the long run, divorce is unnecessarily tough on kids)

    Healthy (will be alive to see the kid reach adulthood.)

    A lot of people have listed those things or versions of those things for maybe what they thought were different reasons.

  • If she and I have the same values and beliefs.

    If she's willing to accept and embrace what I choose for a career (I'd do the same for her).

    If we can enjoy our time together, even if that means just enjoying a quiet evening together at home.

    As far as personality traits? Affectionate, independent, playful, caring, supportive, feminine, sensitive, understanding, the list goes on and on.

  • 1. Is attractive and good looking, thin

    2. Talkative, must be able to hold and maintain a conversation

    3. Must be funny and have a good sense of humor

    4. She has to be outgoing, I don't want a boring girl

    5. Must be loyal

    6. Must be honest

  • For myself (my own subjective perspective), she has to be educated, cultured, simplistic and elegantly adept. I have met uncultured women too often and the variant ones I have met are too materialistic or condescending.

  • I've studied this in many long-lasting couple and I'm convinced I have the answer. It's humour. Looks WILL fade. Money, possessions, health and even personalities will always change over time. But if you can make each other laugh or even smile and bring a little happiness, you'll make it through even the hardest things in life together.

  • Very well-made peach cobbler.

  • Her family is normal, friendly and not too conservative. She's healthy. She spends less than she earns. She likes sex on a regular basis. She's faithful. She can settle down and mature without losing any sense of fun. She has a sense of humor and can take a joke.

    Lastly, she's nurturing, soft and able to be a mother if the time comes where we'd want a child.

  • Two things: Attraction (not only physical but a big part is) and As close to not crazy as a woman can get!

  • When you can just be around a girl, and not be obliged to speak, because just her presence is enough to please you. And you go nuts without her

  • Maternal, loving, gentle, intelligent, beauty (inside and out), most of all, kind.

  • 1) Not a slut.

    2) Doesn't have casual sex.

    3) Didn't f*** or suck every guy on the block in college.

    4) Doesn't have nudes floating around, god forbid video.

    5) Trustworthy

    6) Has hobbies and talents

    7) Educated

    And so on.

  • Brings beer to husband while naked.

  • As much as I hate to say it... there's a list. Yep. We guys have lists too, because in this day and age, marriage isn't as basic as it used to be. Risks are up, so so are our requirements, assuming you're not dating a desperate slob.

    Not in any order:

    1. She's got a personality that could get worse, and still be alright.

    2. She is trustworthy.

    3. She's loyal.

    4. She hasn't slept around. (which is 5+ partners.)

    5. She's attractive.

    6. She's fun/pleasant to be around.

    7. Similar religious/political beliefs.

    8. She's smart.

    • How many women have you slept with?

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    • Your absolutely right, but than comes those idiot men who cheat

      On thier wives.

    • Studies indicate that about equal amounts of cheating occur both on the part of the husband and wife.

  • It changes according 2 people & culture

    As for me, I'll like 2 marry a girl who is caring, loving, Sensiable & is willing 2 adjust her life after marriage, who repects my parents & me & who is willing 2 make sacrifises (nt that I would demand any) & it'll b great if she knows how 2 manage a house too


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  • its not untill the guy is mature enough, has gotten expirence in meeting the crazy girls, has his flings and one night stands, that he will be able to recognise the girl that is a good choice for him girlfriend-wise and actaully some guys take way longer than other guys to mature. (girls too)

    and girlfriend material varries for every guy because every guy is different. Well when it comes to surface things like, what she looks like and how she speaks and dresses. The bases of a good relationship is communication and passion for the relationship, so when a guy is ready for a relationship and he meets the girl that he can easily talk to and be himself around and who makes him feel like a man, one who he feels like he has a good connection with beacuse the chimistry is flowing so naturally, then that is the girl who is relationship material.

    also guys have to be mature themselves for the relationship to be healthy becasue sometimes people just jump right into a relationship just for the heck of it, because they just wanted to expirence it and the girl was nice and pretty enough so he agreed.

    as you gain dating expirence, you learn more and more about your needs and wants in a relationship so you shouldn't stress yourself out trying to figure out what guys like because thoes things are not important at all when you think about the things you need to make a healthy relationship. If you are dating your goal should be to have fun and to meet a guy that you have a real connection with, who also wants a relationship. And if you meet a guy who is not into you, makes you feel like you have to change yourself to get him to like you, then you move on becasue he is not the right guy for you., practice communicating, and telling people what you want, gain expirence, and learn things from other guys/people when you are dating.

    i am in a relationship and my boyfriend is totally opposite of the guy I used to think I would end up with (I thought I would be with a white guy) and he is totally opposite of me. and my boyfriend has told me that I am totally opposite of who he thought he would be with too but we are so in love. And the thing is, once you mature, all of thoes misconceptions of relationships and how they work just disappear and you realize what it is you really need in your life and my boyfriend wanted a really good woman and even though I am Catholic, extremely random, and I am short, I am a really good woaman and he loves the heck out of me.

    • This lady knows what she is talking about . Good answer.

  • Depends on the individuals

    Even p*rn stars get marriages, that actually last

    • very true. that's why relationships are a mental thing. anyone can be in one, you just have to have the right mindset. you have to be mature enough and willing to make it work.

  • I think everyone has a list of some sort, whether written down, or not. But, settling only for exactly what you're looking for is almost certainly going to leave you single forever. As I looked at some of those guys lists, I thought "alright, well, good luck with that," shaking my head. Sometimes, the person that you thought you wanted, is the exact opposite of the person that's right for you.

  • Don't be like Snooki, don't cheat, and treat your lover like a best friend (meaning treat them well).

  • loving, supportive, understanding, and loyal

  • wow seems like these men have only met whores their whole lives! lol

  • Sexy


    • Sexy, yes.

      Virgin, no.

    • I think statistically, those two things are going to be pretty hard to find together... in a man or woman, today.

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