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examine the different ways in which shakespeare presents issues connected with marriage and male and female relationships in the play the taming of the shrew. what exactly is this asking for. and does anyone have any ideas on how to start it or anything.


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  • Hiii

    I got the main link of essay to this topic:


    You can start essay as such:

    "'Love and relationship','hate and war' are the two sides of same coin.When both gets mixed together forms a complex action:marriage."...

    It May help you



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  • Be careful using online resources for papers.

    Lots of college professors run student papers through a computer program that scans Google for similar phrases. So if you copy from an online resource, you could fail the paper, fail the class, and get suspended for plagiarism.

    I've seen it happen.

    Internet can be a great resource -- just always put it in your own words, and properly cite your sources.


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  • Start with a description of the relationship and the role of women and men in Shakespeare's time. Then go to The taming of the shrew plot. If you're stuck - try to look for some similar essays on the Internet or use some essay helpers. My dorm friend uses for such issues.

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