Is it normal to not want to get married?

Like if I find somebody who absolutely blows me away - then yes - I'd like to get married - but if there is nobody around who fits the bill and is also interested in me - then I have no desire to get married. You have conflicts, arguments, tension and pressure the first couple to several years because your newly weds. Then children enter the picture and you are staying up to 4:00 a.m. everyday changing diapers, getting stressed out and exhausted disciplining your kids. Then they become rebellious as they enter their teenage years. Then when you are in your 40's, your husband starts to get bald, ugly and fat. Then when you are in your 60's, your husband is dying of cancer and disabled and you have to take care of him and as invalid. When you are in your 50's you have to quit your job to take care of your grand children.


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  • it is quite normal, but its because your thinking of this in the wrong point of view of marriage. marriage isn't just a legal contract to bond two people together for life and make babies so that there will be more humans in the world. conflicts and arguments and tension is all part of growing up and being married, if you don't go through them, how are you going to grow up stronger?

    "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

    i understand that those things sound like too much work, but when you really find that guy who will make you want to take those chances and share those bad times and good times together, that's when your suppose to get married.

    its hard to know when, and relationships aren't easy, no one would deny that. But you can't expect only good things to happen in your life, bad things happen too, and the way you can learn is to experience it, and come out a stronger person, knowing the pain and knowing how to solve it and get over it.

    children are the manifest of the love between you and your spouse, not trouble makers. its true that its hard to take care of babies, but hey, no one said being a mom/dad is going to be easy, why would you want to slack off your whole life not knowing the joys of motherhood! there's going to be fun times when you first hear your baby speak, when your baby first walks, his first time at school crying for you to stay with him, isn't it cute and funny at the same time?

    there are of course parts that you dislike, which are the stress and tiredness that comes with parenting, but hey, life can't be all that easy, if it was, what would there to be reminising about? you won't have anything special in your life to think back and say, hey! I had to be a mother OK, that was really hard but I got through it and I'm glad I did have kids who now I'm so proud of having.

    your husband is going to get bald ugly and fat, but the same is going to happen to you. you really think love is so superfical that its just about the outer appearance? when you spend that long together, you love the man your with and looks aren't important anymore (it shouldn't be in the first place, looks fade, the heart that's inside doesn't).

    what makes you think that at your 60's you are the one who has to take care of your husband and not him taking care of you? why should that even matter? someone who has really found love would never be mopping around about how you have to take care of someone you love. true love is when you both love one another without conditions, not just for mutual gains.

    in your 50s, you should be quiting, why would you still want to work? you know how old 50s or 60s are? why would you feel the need to work? to validate your whole life? make it seem like you did something? but you did! you have children, you have grand children, they shouldn't be a chore, they should be like beautiful toy for you to take care of, and shower your love on.



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  • I live in a society where cohabitation is becoming a norm. In my country, it is actually slowly getting the same amount of rights as married couples do. And those people to not be married has nothing to do with "them not blowing them away". Those people choose not to get married, because they do not see the necessity of it or want to go trough with it. They have normal families with children and normal problems like married people do. Most of them live trough the hard times together, like married people would. They just aren't married. And the children I have met that were produced from cohabiting parents were normal. They weren't bad at school, they were not delinquents, they had normal identity problems as any teenager has. So to me it is very normal not to have the desire to get married... Just probably for different reasons than what you described.