I've fallen for an engaged girl I work with...is she interested?

When we began working together a year ago she was engaged and I had a girlfriend. I've since broken up with my girlfriend for unrelated reasons. She makes eye contact with me a lot and smiles. For example, if she's talking to a group of people it seems as if she talks to everyone but looks at me. She has also at times gone out of her way to talk to me. There is other flirting besides this. The issue is that sometimes she gives me the cold shoulder. She also has a wall up and it has been difficult for me to get to know her personally. She is very comfortable around me usually and we spend a lot of time at work together. I would think she was interested if not for times that she will barely talk to me. Oh and her fiance is not a great guy. There are a lot of things he is unwilling to do for her and he seems to take her for granted. They have been together for 10 years since she was a teenager but she doesn't seem excited about the engagement or the wedding. She has been engaged for almost a year and has no planning done. The wedding is in one more year. I'm just not sure what I should do here. Do I forget her and try and move on. This is very difficult because she is unavoidable at work. Do I talk to her or do I just keep on keeping on. I'm only going to be working there for one more year. I also don't want to make work uncomfortable for either of us. I'm have been confused over this situation for a while now.


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  • you're setting yourself up for LOTSA DRAMA ifya pursue this. Just be friends with her- if a girl has been engaged with a guy for 10 years and haven't gotten married yet, there is something below that smooth surface she shows you. Be careful you don't fall for sumthin like this...

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