Will I be wrong to tell my friend she's being cheated on?

my best friend is engaged to her boyfriend. She spend 3000 everymonth on him. He don't acknowledge her at all unless she say something about it. I been seeing him kissing and hugging other girls besides her. She moved in November and they began dating. He bought the ring and it was too big and she said it was all they had in the store. I use to think there is a ring for all size fingers. She's bragging about it and of course people are trying to tell her he's using her. He don't wear the ring. He don't converse with her family. I found it odd that he gave her the ring a week before she deploy. but he told me the ring is for security purposes to see if she gonna send him money while deployed but he's not going to marry her at all. he said he wanted the money. He flirts with so many women. She hasn't even met his whole family nor has he told anybody. his mom know it a fake to. But why would someone not get the hint of all this? I never known a person to buy a ring and its too big for their finger, when there are other rings to buy. She constantly be a house slave and spend at least 3000 a month on him.you make it she pays. I'm use to people running on Facebook celebrating but not him. He don't mention nor add pictures of her and his past relationship picture are still up but he refuse to take them down. This guy kisses and have sex with so many females. Have nobody said anything about this like normal engaged couples do.when somebody is engaged they will tell the world. It's only her bragging about it and he stay on social networks all day. She has to ask him to be active on her page.


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  • She's obviously being manipulated and if you tell her, she probably won't believe you and she'll get angry at you rather than see the truth. That's how manipulated people behave.

    If you want to pursue convincing her any further, you may risk your friendship.

    It's sad. I had a friend who was so awesome in high school until she met a guy who cheated on her and treated her like dirt. She spent thousands of dollars on upgrades for his car, on the promise that they will share that car together when they get married. He dumped her and she was crushed. And then she decided to act exactly like him and take advantage of guys.

    • It's sad really! Smh I wanna tell her he's not planning to marry her he just wanted it for security purposes smh she just turned 19

    • just prepare for the possibility that she won't believe you till its too late

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  • Ya gotta tell her.

    $3,000 a month?!

    • Ya the whole army check goes to him. I mean what guy you know that ain't married gonna wait on a girl for a year?

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    • She buys him shoes, clothes, pay bills

    • Even still that's a lot! My monthly expenses are about half of that.

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  • She sounds like she isn't very intelligent to be dating this type of person . . . it's really none of your business if she's going to put up with being treated like this it's her own damn fault. People need to make their own mistakes to learn from them, I'd say that's the case here. She's giving him a bunch of money and he's doing what in return? Stupid.

    • Believe it or not he just started taking her out. The movies and dinner everyday. He takes her everywhere she wanna go but he feels a certain way. but he was just telling me his life is at standstill smh he does it for the money

    • So he takes her out all the time, with her money? What a gent. If she's so out of it to date someone like this, you telling her not to, isn't going to change her mind. I'm afraid she's going to have to dig this hole a little deeper before she starts climbing out, and it'll be on her own time, will and decision making. Sorry you have to watch someone you care about do this to themselves, it sucks.

  • If you know about it and don't tell your friend, then you're not a true friend.

  • please tell her your concerns. is she that oblivious to what is so obvious to everyone else?

    • Ya she said she's grown. this happening to fast. She met the guy in November and just started staying with him in November.

    • not to be harsh but she doesn't sound all that smart. is she the type of girl that needs to always have a boyfriend to be happy/secure with herself? if so, she will settle for ANYBODY. it hasn't even been a year since she's known the guy. and if she has money and is dishing out so much money for him, he definitely is just using her. and she's okay with it, as long as it keeps him around. you need to speak to her.

  • Honesty is never the wrong thing to do. Please tell her

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