Do some guys make their girlfriend or wife sleep on the couch after an argument?

I always hear about woman making her boyfriend for husband sleep on the couch but when is it gonna be the other way around sometimes so it won't seem like females care about having more time to themselves than guys care about having time to themselves?

If women are too good to sleep on the couch, then that makes guys look like second class citizens.

Also if I'm in a bad mood, after I told her to go sleep on the couch, if she tried to sneak in bed with me, I'll refuse to let her.

Guys always say women in general have more power in a relationship only because they're afraid of their gf's. Plus to me sex is not everything.


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  • Only very dumb guys would ever sleep on the couch, or make their wives sleep there. Smart guys don't get into these kinds of arguments. If there is any sort of disagreement that would alter sleeping locations , a smart guy resolves the issue before going to bed.

    • but I think it's only fair if the guy made the girl sleep on the couch sometimes too, just to make things even.

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    • Well said, I wish that guy name Pete had the same courage as you do. He's the husband of Emily Dees Boulden, who is on that reality show "Pretty Wicked Moms", that woman is a disgrace.

    • "Love does not care about getting even." Win.

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  • I've never heard of it


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  • This whole "sleep on the couch" is waaaaay more of a comedic joke than actual reality. A woman is pretty childish to behave like that, and a man is a doormat if he lets his SO behave like a 5 year old.