How can you tell if a guy is engaged or not?

a guy I talk to as friends has this girl who is being lead on. he likes me. but I found his Facebook page, and there were no pictures of the girl but he was recently tagged by her in the pictures.i took a look at her Facebook page and she has explosively pictures of them both and mostly of him. on Facebook they are in a relationship, but when I ask about her he tells me she just some girl he is getting money from. he showed me text messages from this girl with mandatory request to like her statuses and pictures. well I hear from another person that they are engaged. this other person showed me her instagram page. on her headline she has she was engaged him. its awkward because his friends and family members never said anything about this when I met his mother. his family on Facebook denied it as well. when people are engaged I'm use to seeing comments on their wall on Facebook and other websites. I asked him about this and he said she asked him to and he only said yes because she is deploying to Afghanistan but he still want the money when he really is not gonna marry her. when I asked who purchased the ring? he told me she did. his parents as well said she did.but I see no sign of an engagement. if a person was engaged it would have been on Facebook just like their relationship was. he was Facebook active until she tagged him in the pictures and he was being harassed to like her photos. I seen no ring on his finger or anything. the girl is deploying next week and she only want a place to stay at his house. when I text his phone or call he answers. its like he don't exist. its confusing. on instagram she say she engaged and she even purchased the ring making as if he purchased it. he showed me the text messages and everything. but how can you really tell if a guy is engaged?


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  • If he said he would marry her, he is engaged even if he doesn't plan to go through with it. She has the right to believe him. Perhaps her texts were expectations that she has from someone she believes loves him. In any case, pretending to be engaged to get money is or could become criminal.

  • a ring means engaged. if he's willing to 'say' he's married for money and sleep around, then he ain't worth your time. even his family seems crooked from what you are saying.

    • his family does not know about the engagement they tell me that she asked him and even purchased the ring. later I found out it was true. he told them that there was no engagement. but its kind of silly on her part because she bought the ring which give him the right to say anything

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    • but if you buy the ring he can pretty much say and do whatever he wants...if he was his choice he would have bought the ring

    • ok, saying that you would marry someone who was fixing to die. if it's a lie, it's not that bad, because you are giving that person some solace. telling someone that you'd marry them because they may die, eh, no, that's wrong. being paid to say you're engaged but not living up it, what the hell. I have way more respect for the idea of marriage and for peoples feelings than that. somehow or other, he led her to believe that he was sincere in the arrangement. why else would she buy him an engagemen

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