Can a ring be used to manipulate a person?

i was tricked into an engagement that sounded odd so I brushed it off. this girl I am about to leave proposed to me with a ring. she said she purchased the ring. later I find out, some family members had something to do with this. they want her to marry me so I can continue to help her like a spoiled brat. I was scared to tell her no because she's mentally crazy it seemed like. I have not known her for a year yet. I deeply regret letting her move in my house. she's spreading it everywhere on the internet, when it is just a rumor. this was a last minute thing. I always tell people "i guess" when they ask me. I want her to leave for deployment when I tell her. she broke glasses and etc in my house so who knows what's next? I don't...i didn't specifically accept the engagement because it is like she did that on her own. as if she ran things and wore the pants around the house. it takes 2 people to be engaged. I just turned 22. what I look like getting tied down!? she told me she purchased the ring but it was all planned out her family help her get the ring without my knowledge


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  • Thank goodness for the deployment! When she hears that you won't marry her, there'll be armed soldiers on hand to restrain her. Definitely don't agree to anything else. Return the rign and cut ties with the family if they continue to attempt to force anything against your will.

    • she purchased the ring. everybody knew I did not say anything because the damn ring is too big for her finger. she was spreading nothing but rumors on the internet. if I said yes, I will proudly post it on Facebook and whatever social media to let my distant family know I was getting married.

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    • my family tells me I don't look the same at all

    • Once she's safely out of the country, drop her stuff off at her family's door, hand them the ring and tell them adios! This is not worth losing your health over.

  • get out of there dude. whatever it takes.

    • i never seen a force to somebody for marriage... and yes I'm going to breakup with her ass when she leave next week. I'm going to tell her to have her parents come get her stuff or I'm throwing it away smh manipulating ass girl