His sister won't speak to us, thoughts?

My boyfriend recently proposed. I said yes, of course.

Now, I thought that his sister, who until the proposal, really liked me, would be happy for us. That's not the case. She is furious. She will not answer either of our calls, refuses to visit, and, as trivial as it may sound, has unfriended both of us on Facebook.

His sister is 24, and married. She is upset at our engagement because she thinks that we are too young.

Now, I agree that we are quite young. We're 20 and 22. So yes, that is quite young, but it's not like it's uncommon for people to get married at that age.

Also, we're only engaged. We have agreed upon a long engagement (around 2 years) as we are both in school still and we don't wish to start our life together while we're getting a degree. We feel we are being rather logical in that we want to make sure that we have a place to live, have jobs, and can afford to live on our own before we get married.

She's upset because she feels we are too young. However, we've been dating since I was 14.

Also, she dated her husband for a year and a half before she married him when she was 22.

What do you propose we say to her? Do you think she'll come around eventually? I really would like her back as my friend and I certainly don't want to cause a rift in the family with her.



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  • Very unusual and mysterious. What does your boyfriend think his sister is doing?

    It can't be age.

    Could she think that you have not experienced enough life, vis a vis other dating experience, since you have been dating her brother since 14?

    That's all I can think. But, you don't have to date other people to know each other well enough to marry .

    • Maybe. Maybe she just doesn't want her brother growing up? I'm just as surprised she reacted this way as you are.

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  • It sounds like she's jealous. Are your fiance and his sister especially close? Perhaps that explains it. Perhaps she wants to always be the top girl in her brother's life.

    • They are close. His entire family is close, but now that you say it, the two of them have always gotten along better with each other than the rest of their families. But what's really to be jealous of? She's still his sister.

    • Yeah, usually it's more the mother. I guess in this case it's the sister who's getting jealous. I think it's quite common. She needs to be more mature and less selfish though.

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