What were your childhood imaginations like?

Any fictional character you imagined yourself to be?

And to girls: do you really imagine youself in a wedding dress, thinking about what your wedding would be like, etc.? Just like Monica in Friends?

I'm never a girl who is crazy about weddings or babies and stuff. When I was little, I imagined I was Xena lol


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  • Oh man, I had a crazy imagination. Basically, I was never myself, haha!

    I was a scientist sometimes, a performer in a band, a writer, a hero, a wife, an actress, a director, a dancer, on and on.

    I was home alone a lot, so I think the fantasies were my way of entertaining myself and coping.

    • I didn't fantasize about the actual wedding and have never wanted kids, but I would fantasize about being a wife to a man I loved.

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    • Hahahahahah!

      That would be confusing for a kid, haha!

      That's awesome though, ha!

    • Thanks for BA :-)

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  • Mine were more mature than they are now, I used to imagine getting married and having a steady job and kids... This was when I was about 8 years old!

  • I always imagined there was lava on the floor and I would jump between my two couches.

  • No screaming or insanity and very far away. I imagined myself far away and very comfortable.


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  • I believed that the Moon was an egg and that one day it would hatch. It's funny, I know it is not, but part of me still believes it. I was a bit of a Tom Boy, so I never was interested in dolls, or girlie things, that still holds true. I never imagined myself as any fictional character as your Xena.

    • lol

      well then you've missed a great deal of sword fighting and chakram throwing... =)