Why would he say he cared then break-up with me?

Well, I met this guy online and we became very close over about 4 months. He lives about 200 miles away from me. But we would talk on the phone and e-mail each other all the time. He told me in one e-mail that he thought I was very pretty and he loved me. He even started talking about buying a house for "our" future. Well, he called me last week and we were just chatting about this and that nothing in particular. Then all of the sudden the said he told me " I don't want to go any farther with you, I just can't get peace about you". I almost burst in to tears right there in the phone. But my question is why would he say that when it was HIM that was talking about marriage and buying houses and all. Any help would be appreciated.


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  • hmm a lot of relationships start off good online then die after a while, it sounds like to me he was looking for someone to comfort him in his time of need... and us girls just get taken away when a guy smooth talks us and we begin to actually believe what they say...it sounds like the guy found someone else to be honest hun, if they start talking about a future... buying a house...marriage after 4 months just know something is up, take ur time in a relationship and actually meet up. The way you or someone else acts online can be totally different in person. In otherwords forget about him hun if he can play with ur emotions so easily its better to kick him to the curb!


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  • wow!...well first of all, while whould have that kind of relationship?..just chatting with a guy online or talking on the phone then you fall in love with him? that's just an unhealthy kind of thing to do as far as relationships..as you have learnt. he is just tryin to mess with ur head. he knows you like him so he feels he has you now and he is being flakey. if I were u, I would forget about him...he is not even real!...have you hung out with him before?. you need to actually "see" what you want or trying to get before you start likeing someone. you don't do that through emails or phone ya know. don't chatt with him or call him at all. let him do all the work. if he keeps calling you and keeps emailing you then that means he likes you but still don't be fulled. try to meet up with him and hang out with him seriously so you can see how he is and no more about him. other wise find someone else who is also closer to where you live.

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