Do you know anyone who decide to get engage in 2 months of dating?

do you know anyone who decide to get engage in 2 months of dating?...

Question...does it seem normal if both are in their mid 20's?


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  • I know a couple who got engaged after 6 months.

    Marrying while in your mid 20s is fine. I would prefer it actually over marrying in my 30s or something.

    Yet, I think 2 months is not nearly enough time to know each other well enough to get married. Chances are, you are still in love with each other, everything is awesome. Your partner is perfect in your eyes and vice versa. Yet, one day, you will fall out of love. That is where the 'real' part of the relationship starts. You have to learn to start loving your partner rather than being in love. The difference is this: Being in love is something you do not control. It simply happens and it is great! Everything is perfect. Loving someone is an active act. You have to actively love someone, rather than it just happening to you. This is where you love someone with their good and bad sides; their flaws and virtues.

    I think it is best to marry someone when you have fallen out of love. If you made it through that conversion, your relationship is much, much stronger.

    When you fall out of love when married, there is more pressure on your relationship, because you might feel like you are stuck with the other. If you both work to make it work, it will all be fine and your relationship will grow strong when you make it through something like that.

    So, in the end, it is okay to marry after 2 months, but it might be easier on the both of you if you wait longer. I would personally say about a year.


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  • My parents did. They met in January, engaged in March, married November the same year. My mum was 23 and my dad was 25. They have been married for 27 years now.

    Mind you, not all couples will work and be able to cope with this sort of speed. My parents like to remind me and my brother of this when it comes to our own relationships. They were both so certain because they had both been previously engaged to other people so when they met they just knew.

    Hope that helps!

  • I know someone who got married and divorced all in the same day, theyve only been married for a few hours

    • wow

      It makes you wonder how serious they were about their relationship in the first place

    • He was drunk and he thought she was hot (it was someone he never even met before) and she agreed to marry him, so basically he met her, married her and because he was drunk at the time, his family convinced him to divorce her

  • how about one month of dating

  • Yes. Mormons.


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  • I don't know anyone who's done that. I kinda suggest that couples should live together for about a year before getting married however, just a personal little bit of advice.

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