Met a girl at an out of town wedding. We happen to be from the same city.

At the end of the wkd, she said " we should do lunch sometime. and put her number in my phone." I called her 4 days later. Were going to do lunch thurs or fri. Got a text that said she had to "postpone" on acct of a prior commitment. We have maintained texting communication but still no talk of lunch. Thoughts? Do I ask again or leave it be? Serious answers please...

Much appreciated...


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  • She wants you to ask her again. Try asking again and if it doesn't happen or if she comes up with excuses like "I'm busy at work, can we do a quick lunch near my work place"..etc, she probably isn't THAT interested but won't mind seeing how things go.

    • last week, I called her Friday morning and asked her to Saturday bkfst or lunch. She said she was heading out of town with family to see her sister but for us to play it by ear for the following week.

      The following Thursday I was getting a haircut and there is a coffee shop near there and she works across the street. I offered to bring her a drink and she said " any other time I would gladly accept but I'm sorry I'm at lunch..."... anyone care to be brutally honest?

    • It sounds like she isn't that interested in you. Sorry! But the good news is, she isn't turned off or rejecting you. Try and try again!

    • that sounds like contradicting advice..."she isn't interested in you" and "try and try again" LOL! which is it? I don't keep pursuing if there is not mutual interested...

  • Ask again. If she mentioned postponing it but didn't offer up a solid date, be the one to set up something concrete. If she doesn't follow through or seems aloof about planning it, she's no longer interested.

    • GREAT advice! Thank you!

    • You're welcome! :)

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