Is cohabitating more fair and just than marriage?

I was talking with some guys and thinking...

When a man and woman are just living together, if one gets fat, or becomes a drunk slob, or becomes a jerk, or abusive, or just falls out of love--it's easy to end things. Just, "We're done, I'm moving." Really simple and easy. And both people know that, so both the man and woman realize they actually have to be likeable if they want the other person to stick around.

But in marriage, it's a huge mess, back stabbing in divorce court, false claims of abuse, alimony, stuff gets taken away. So, in marriage, whoever makes less money, most of the time, can get away being a horrible jerk, because the courts will gut the person who makes more cash with alimony and lost house, etc. That means that one partner, in marriage, has almost no power, and can't do a lot if the other person is a complete jerk, because divorce usually rapes one person.

So isn't cohabitation, really, a whole lot better than marriage? Because, if your buddy turns into a miserable person, both people are free to leave at any time.

In marriage, it can easily be miserable, because whoever makes less money can be a jerk, withhold sex, whatever, because divorce court guts the person who makes more money with alimony and such.

So, really, isn't cohabitation much more fair?

Cohabitation=both people have equal power to walk away whenever there is cause.

Marriage=the person who makes less money can walk away whenever they want and get alimony, the other person is stuck.


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  • Is cohabitating more fair and just than marriage?

    In my opinion no as going by studies gals still end up not only working and contributing the same/similar financially but also doing all/most of the household duties. As well as I find gals tend to still be nagged, coerced, and pressured into sex solely for his benefit otherwise she's 'withholding sex' or 'using sex as a weapon' if she doesn't want to have sex because she's angry at him and isn't aroused by the thought of someone she holds negative feelings towards at the moment shoving his d*ck inside her and busting a nut. Especially since some states now have made it legal to claim that 'denying' your partner sex is a form of abuse and a crime.

    In my opinion the more fair thing is casual multi-dating though I may be biased as that's what I do.

    "Because, if your buddy turns into a miserable person, both people are free to leave at any time. "

    Egh in marriage if your buddy turns into a miserable person both are free to leave at any time as well and the who fear of being blasted in divorce can be remedied with a per-nupital or post-nuptial.


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  • It's not about fair

    Few people

    Get married think "I can't wait to f*** this personal over."

    I'll tell you this from personal experience, sh*t just happens. And a lot of husbands and wives overlook the habits of their partners, but given the opportunity, they let it out like never before out if anger, resent, hurt, sadness, hate and a heat of the moment breakdown.

    I personally want marriage because I want lifelong companionship, partnership and a lifelong lover.

    So is it fair? Not all marriages end in disaster, so I'm going to say no. There's nothing fair or unfair about it.

  • I think marriage is better because it means you are responsible for that person even if they get sick or whatever and it also means you can trust the other person to stick up for you and be there for you.

    • Hmm, 50% divorce rate, I don't know if marriage means the person is more reliable than a girlfriend/boyfriend you're living with. Either the person cares about you, or they don't.

    • but 50% is for people who get divorces 3 or 4 or more times as well. The divorce rate for first time marriages is 40%.

  • Marriage doesn't make you faithful or loyal, but it can make you feel obligated which can create more stress, and that is what leads to the backstabbing.

  • i think that being married is not the problem, the problem is that people stop caring about the person as they should, don't communicate their problems or try to undestand each other


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