If husband and wife can't agree on which new house to live in, will the husband give what his wife wants?

Lets say a married couple has out grown the old house they're currently living on, so they're out looking for a new house, they have three houses to choose from, but theirs a little disagreement, the husband likes one house while his wife likes another house... will the husband be afraid to disagree with his wife by agreeing to live in the house his wife like?

That makes it seem like, he think's his needs are not as important as her's. That old saying, "happy wife=happy life" should be a figure of speech, of couse some women would take advantage of a man's weakness, so she can feel superior to him.

Anyway, do y'all know some husbands who have growed a backbone and decided to pick the house he like'd more, even though his wife wasn't too fun of it?


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  • Personally, I don't think there is any concrete answer to this question. It would purely depend on the individual husband. For example, I know some guys who would, indeed, just go along with whatever their wife wanted in order to avoid confrontation. But on the other hand, I know plenty who would be a man and strive for a compromise to be made...which, in my opinion, is how it should be. I absolutely despise these women who believe that her husband should cower and cater to her all the time.

    • I agree, I also can't stand to see the world has more husbands who will avoid confrontation, by letting her have what she wants compared to him being brave enough to compromise.

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  • I don't see why this is an issue of the husband having a backbone or not, or the wife being a whiny demanding bitch who has to have her way. It's obviously going to vary from couple to couple. In some relationships, one partner is naturally more likely to give into the other person most often, or as they say, one person 'wears the pants'. They might be different in their next relationship, depending on the general personality types of the people involved each time. It'll also depend on how IMPORTANT each partner considers a particular issue. Either partner may be the one who seems to make most decisions or get their way most of the time, but in the issue of choosing a house, may not be too fussed about it, and the other partner gets to take control of that because it's more important to them. It's not as black and white as you're making it, lol.

    • It's easy for you to laugh because youknow most of the time the husband will give in to what his wife wants, now if it was the other way around, then you'll take it seriously.

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    • What's wrong with me generalizing knowing I've seen way too much of husbands just being a pushover to what his wife wants when looking for a new house for the two of them to live in. I sure would love to hear the story of what you know.

    • My answer gives you the story of what I know, lol. I've seen all kinds of different outcomes to the house-buying dilemma, many of which don't just cater to the wife's whims.

  • That entirely depends on the couple.


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  • Usually it's best & wisest if the hubby is limited to choices in garage, fireplace, grounds/sitework & any his office/study.