Do most married men think their wife is drop dead gorgeous?

How do most husbands view their wife physically?

Does their view ever change with age?

How do married couples develop their love for each other as they grow older together?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Hmm how do married couples develop their love? My parents set a good example for me. They went through hell and back Yet, they are still together, after 30+ years, through all the fighting. My Father confessed that my mother isn't his dream girl. There was a college girl that was goregous, intelligent, compassionate, etc Then there my mother, a poor girl from laos, no education, but he said she gave something that no other woman can. "your mothers drive and patience. Works with my temper."

    My mother proceeded

    "you see? your father is an a**hole!, If I divorce him I might end up with a bigger a**hole. That is what marriage is about decision and discipline, just seeing the big scope of things. At the end your father, has always been faithful, always growing, improving, and inside I know I am the DREAM GIRL!."

    My father ended it with:

    "a lot of boys nowadays, are too busy looking for the perfect person vs the person who is perfect for them."

    You think about yourself, get to know yourself, build yourself up to be so strong that you are confident that you can handle your own life, that you don’t need anyone, that no one can hurt you without your permission, that you are the master of your own life, and then, you meet someone… who makes you want to surrender all of yourself, without hesitation, when you become ready to lay yourself totally open in front of him/her, all your vulnerabilities, your fears, your dreams, your weaknesses, your wishes and ambitions and principles, things that make you think and feel and wonder and laugh and cry, when the tiniest of his/her unhappiness zoom straight inside your heart, when you feel like bringing the whole world at his/her feet, just to make him/her happy, when you are ready to give him/her all the freedom and right over your life, comfortable in the knowing that the other person is so strong that he/she will honor you, the you that you've opened up, & will never take advantage of your openness… will care for you because he/she wants to, not because it’s supposed to be that way, when adjustment doesn't feel like adjustment, when you willingly make yourself flexible for his/her sake, when the freedom between you makes your relationship stronger, when both start feeling that you need each other, not because you lack something, but because of how much both of you enjoy being part of one another’s lives, & both of you want to practically take it forward,

    That’s love for real.

    I’m not quite “learned” enough to “profess” anything, but yes, I feel love is learning to love yourself, knowing that you are strong enough to survive anything life throws at you, and then finding someone who you don’t mind being vulnerable with, because you trust him/her enough, and you are comfortable enough to shed all ego barriers. Just like my parents...

    Sadly, there are no guarantees, not everyone grows together. We can only try our best whichever way life takes us


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What Girls Said 7

  • I can't believe the amount of dicks that said no! Suck your mum then!

  • I don't know, but I fhe's a WISE married man, he'll be more concerned about...

    - whether she can cook a good meal that will nourish him and their future children

    - what type of long term partner she is

    - is she loyal?

    - is she supportive?

    - is she a gold digger?

    - is she neat and tidy or is she a slob who struggles being hygenic?

    - spending habits

    - does she have dominating parts of her mentality that are unhealthy?

    - will she make a good example to children?

    Any man who focuses more on how gorgeous his wife is and less on the traits above is foolish and is either A.) getting divorced B.) going to become a cheater C.) living an unhappy life with someone who doesn't fulfil the true purpose of a woman

    • i did not ask, "what do men focus on when choosing a wife?" or even if her physical appearence mattered, I simply asked what married men thought about it, now don't go blowing things out of proportion...OF COURSE those other things are more important!

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    • yeah that's true my bad

    • No biggie, it's all cool. : )

  • I think if he is completely in love with her he does, and that goes for boyfriends and fiances also. Otherwise probably not.

  • I think it works the same way it works for women.

    My husband isn't the dream boy I would have stirred up in my imagination 10 years ago, but after falling in love with him, he developed into my dream boy. If you asked me who the sexiest guy on the planet was, it would be my 5'10'' extra hairy mediterranean husband! lol

    I think other men are attractive, but no one compares to him.. and that's true love!

  • lollll if they don't they better start thinking already!

  • I think it's absolutely crazy how some (mainly girls) turn ugly after marriage. Stop gainging weight, fix your hair and f***ing ease your man. Then you wonder why your man has a side chick or puts hisd***in another girl

    • Please *

      And why the down votes? It must be someone is knows tey turned ugly after marriage or can't keep up and look normal

    • in some ways you are right,but if you are with a cheater,he will cheat even if you are a super model..look at hollwood

    • Look at Hollywood? Do you believe everything you hear...

      Plus they have a sh*t load of money. Money attracts everyone sweetie

      Money talks

  • I hope not because then that means they only marry for looks.

    • why do you think that? just because one think one's wife is gorgeous, does not mean one would not respect her personality as well as all other aspects about her or else, you're right, they should not be married

What Guys Said 5

  • They should think there wife is drop dead gorgeous.

    Mine for sure will be. LOL Straight up. And she will think I'm drop dead handsome as well. That's how it should be.

  • I hate to say it but beauty fades and overexposure definitely helps.

    • in long succesful marraiges, beauty never fades, you ever seen how old couples still look at each other? they look at each other just as they did when they met, I think it just takes effort and a continuous pursuit of one another

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    • You should talk to the old. I know because I carry with me their knowledge. It isn'y my age or experience that really defines much but old men have no reason to lie and old women no longer blush.

    • That's true maybe I will talk to older cuple about that. This may be a completely different topic but What I HAVE heard from older couples is, actually heard this last week from a married man I know whos in his 50s, sex gets better the long your with somebody. He said his honeymoon was the worst sex he'd had in his relationship, not that it wasn't good, but because now he and his wife know each other so well that sex is just amazing and he said the more you know each other, the better it is.

  • No... Sbe's an ugly cow. But what can you do.

  • Of course not. A woman's physical beauty enhances to a man after marriage, but not to the point of delusion. In other words, if a man did not think his woman was drop dead gorgeous in the initial stages of their association, he won't find her to be as the result of his vows to her.

    Furthermore, if married men, in general, defined their wives outward appearance as drop dead gorgeous, there would not be as many cases in which married men found themselves gravitating towards other women's aesthetic appeal.

  • I've always wondered about this too, to be honest.

    Like at work or any place where a lot of guys are around each other, you inevitably here talk about hot girls and stuff like that. You always hear guy's fantasy girl, who he thinks is hot, who he'd f***, and so on. But you never really hear married guys say that their wife is their fantasy.

    Come to think of it, I even hear guys talk about how they were when they were younger and all the ass they've slayed lol, but then you don't at least hear that they scored big when they found their wife. And this next part will sound wrong but compared to what they said they used to hook up with in their younger days, their wife just seems kind of...plain.

    So I suppose it's a pretty common thing for people to either settle down for marriage, or they legitimately have reservations about marrying the girl they partied with in their younger years.

    This seems kind of unfortunate and depressing, knowing that people either have misconceptions about the girls they used to be into or they have issues that prevent them from marrying their dream girl :\

    • lol my brother-in-law married to my sister calls her "smoking-hot" though they have only been married 5-6 years

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    • Yes that's what I heard too from co workers