Was I right or wrong with that girl? I got very angry but did not show that.

I asked for all you that I was going to a marriage and select a color for my suit so I got a silver color suit which was really cool, but the problem is in the party a gal poured a half cup of coffee on me and all my stuff got dirty. Though I was so much angry on her but because she was in relation I didnot say any thing. When I went to wash it , it took really long time to wash away the spots and dry them away, in the meanwhile the most beautiful moments of the marriage and photo shoots/ photo session was gone, and then I got really angry but she said sorry to me before I could say anything. But later on I really felt I must have told her something> How I can let that gal go away like this/


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  • did she do it on purpose? if not just let it go as she apologised

    if she did it on purpose I don't think yelling at her will make a difference to someone so vindictive and childish, itll just make you look bad infront of people


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