Girl declines my proposal since I am 2.3 years younger to her and her dad ont accept.

When I proposed my liking and love and care for her. She said if I take this up wth my dad he will surely reject you since your yunger to me. Am 31. I've a brthr at 30. I told age is a numbr I undrstnd and care for you like no othr. She evn knows and acknwldges that your so swet and caring. But my dad is prblm. She nvr said she dnt like me or dnt see me as a boy frnd material. What can I do now? My parents have no concerns. They want bth side acceptance.

here's my stry. I have a big time love on a girl. She knows frm start I like her care about her and respect her. She too likes me. She invited me to her house intro to her parents. I am the only guy she evr invited home. She is 30 I'm am mth shrt of 28. She invited for hangouts more than once. She had coffee wth me and she asks all kinds of help...

2 years and 3 months younger to my girl... to be exact as my frnz have asked below. I am a mnth short of 28 and she is 30


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  • If that's the case then it's ridiculous unless your lying like the last guy said


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  • Then break up and find someone else


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  • HMMMMMMMM not accurate enough.

    You need at least 4 more decimal places

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