Girls/Women: Would you prefer to have your husband support you?

If your husband/boyfriend made more than enough to support you AND him..i'm talking like 500k...would you be okay with him supporting you? You would have a maid as well...

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  • I'd still like the option to work. Being at home all day gets kinda boring. Even if I wasn't working a normal job then I'd still like to do some charity work or something. The worst thing a guy could ever do would be to restrict what I could and couldn't do in life.

    Also, if his job was requiring him to spend a lot of time away from home I wouldn't want that. I'd prefer a guy that makes a decent paycheck but is home to one that's always at work and making a fortune


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  • No, if he makes that much, hoes are going to be chasing him left and right. He'll eventually leave me for someone younger. I'd better have a backup plan! ;)

  • I would be OK with it a life of leisure sounds pretty good now.

  • A maid is a little too much for me. If he's going to be paying all the bills the least I could do is cook and clean.