My boyfriends xwife seems control?

My boyfriends x wife seems to be calling the shots with their daughter. She is telling him that pictures can't be hung up in the house because the daughter won't like it (but we will be living together so how is that different from pictures)? She saw a picture of me and wished I was hoping I was an old hag.. I helped him out buying Xmas presents but didn't sign my name. Right away the x wife was asking if I signed my name. He told her I didn't and she said that was very kind heart of me. We are trying to plan an introduction of the daughter and I. And the xwife is not willing to meet me so she knows who will be in her daughters life. The xwife was the one who wanted the divorce but now it seems like she is restricting my boyfriend to move on. Is this a bad sign or is it hard for her to see him with someone else?


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  • So how are things going now?

    It's tricky now isn't it the way that works. Unfortunately this kind of thing happens all the time these days. Considering a female relative of mine had a baby with one guy, then had a baby with another and I think broke up with him also. It might be hard for his X-wife to see her daughter with you if anything.


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