Girls, how would you like to be proposed to by your dream man?

Ever dreamed of being proposed to by the man of your dreams on a boat, next to the beach, in an extreme way? How would your ideal proposal be like?

Guys how would you like to propose to that special one?


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  • We are in bed cuddled up together and I am asleep and he wakes me up by giving me soft kisses on my face and neck meanwhile he puts a gorgeous ring on my finger (maybe one that I have loved for many many years like my grandmothers vintage ring style)

    When I awaken he whispers in my ear darling you make me the happiest man in the world will you be my wife.


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  • Something low key and private. Even just at home in pajamas would be great. As long as it's just us, not even any family around. I wouldn't like a big public proposal at all either, so no sports game jumbo-tron proposals.

    I'm already engaged, though.

    • yeah I don't like the public thing either.. the more personal the better!

    • Exactly, I'm glad I got the kind of private proposal I always wanted.

  • I like the idea of him getting my friends and family together in secret to celebrate with us.

    But there's nothing in particular I really want, that's just one idea. I think a casual occasion could be really sweet, too.

  • I am engaged.. I don't go for big gestures or big public displays of "look at me" so if a guy ever did anything over the top then how could I say yes when its obvious he doesn't know me. When my s.o proposed we were on holidays, after having dinner and a bottle or two of wine. We went for a walk and sat on a fence on top of a cliff. Other people were walking around but nobody too any notice. He didn't get down on one knee and make some big speech, he simply just asked if I'd marry him.

    The most important part of a proposal is the who, not the ring or the grand gestures

  • i don't plan on getting married. but if I decided to, my ideal proposal would b me asking him when were doing something casual but enjoyable like hiking or swimming or wrestling or at a museum or on a train etc... and him getting excited and saying yes, and not even blinking an eye at the fact that I asked him. that'd be immensely hot and endearing to me.

  • Well, my boyfriend has been telling that if we were going to get married he'd propose to me while I would be on the toilet. But I don't really know how I want to get proposed, that really doesn't matter to me, all that matters is that I get surprised by the man I love

    • wow that's an awkward way to propose xD

    • That's funny as hell! I hope he'd at least be standing there peeing between your legs at the time. ; )