Guys, have you ever proposed on the first date?

Have you ever proposed on the first date of have you ever felt about someone so strong that you knew you wanted to marry her when your relationship was very young?

What made you feel so?

Did the feeling last long?

My boyfriend of 2 years proposed me on the first date. We are not doing well right now but I was just curious how guys can say that. I was really into him before the first date so I was very happy to hear that he wanted to marry me.


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  • no its not something I'd consider , but I find it odd he's been your boyfriend for 2 years and you've never been on a date before ? with him , what exactly had you been doing for those 2 years if you weren't going on dates with him but still dating ?

    • He proposed me on our first date 2 years ago.

  • Nope, never done that.

    Only know of one person who proposed within the first few dates, too.


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