Why do some husbands care more about their guy friends than their wife and children?

This is something which I don't understand but I have seen it many times among my friends and many of my dad's friends as well.My dad often criticises his friends when he sees them like that.

And for example,one of my female friends suddenly cried when talking to me and when I asked her what's wrong,she told me that her husband spends more time with his guy friends than his family and has been more generous with his money towards his guy friends than his family on many occasions.She knows all her husband's friends.None of them does any vices and I can confirm this because I know her husband's friends too.

Shouldn't love and charity begin at home?I simply don't understand these men because their wives are indeed virtuous and their children are awesome too.Your perspectives?Thanks!


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  • You're right, they should be more devoted to their wives and families. However, that behavior is uncommon in my experience and it makes me wonder what more there is to the story. Are their emotional and physical needs being met at home? I'm not excusing the behavior, just trying to understand it.

    • +10 I agree with you.It takes 2 hands to clap.Women just like to blame men when things go wrong.

    • I agree with you. But there are also men who are just immature and/or selfish and don't feel a string enough responsibility to take care of their loved ones. But it's almost always more complicated than it appears on the surface. In any case, it's the children I worry about the most. They need their fathers around and engaged.

    • Thanks for the BA.

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