Did he ever like me? If so, does he still? What's going on in his head?

It all started out In the beginning of the first semester when he looked over at me and gave me a nod from across the room. I just blew it off and thought maybe he was just really engaged in the conversation he was having with his friend. A couple days later I smiled directly at him as I was leaving. The next day he followed my friend and I as we were walking out of the dining hall. He followed us the whole way up the stairs but turned and went into the bathroom as we kept walking. For the most part I only ever saw him in the dining hall so that's where most of my scenarios took place. From then on, I feel like he was trying to find a way to talk to me. For example, whenever I went to fill up my drink, he would be right behind me. Or whenever I went to get dessert, he would linger in the same area. One time I went up to get dessert with my friend. My friend was standing pretty far away from me and witnessed this whole thing. I was getting dessert and he came walking really fast up to me, but my back was towards him. According to my friend, he was only like an inch away from me and was standing there smiling down at me. I don't know if he wanted me to turn around and run into him (since he was so close) or if he planned on talking to me and couldn't get up the nerve at that moment, but I didn't turn around, I instead stepped to the right (not even knowing he had been behind me) and walked straight...well, he walked around to the right, assuming that I would meet him there, but I of course didn't. I saw him walking toward the right and knew he was near me and was super nervous, so I kind of tried to avoid him. Also, one of my friends (who is a girl) had a class with him, so I would often wait for her after class. He knew I would wait for her and saw me on numerous occasions outside the classroom. After class was over, he would wait for my friend and then walk with her side by side out of the classroom. Even if she was in the bathroom or still getting her stuff all packed up, he would stand there and wait for her until she was finished. I think this is super awkward and kinda creepy haha but we were hoping he would talk to my friend about me or walk up to me after class with my friend since she always met me after class was over. But, he never said a single word to her. He would just wait for her after class and then walk out of the classroom with her. Him and I made and maintained eye contact on numerous occasions and he would smile at me frequently. Also, I was eating lunch with my friend one day and we were sitting fairly close to the guy I'm crushing on. one of his friends came and sat with them at their table but as he was sitting he said "ohhh they're wearing dresses today" and looked straight at me and my friend request... and the guy I'm crushing on was like "shhh". so I decided to friend him on facebook cause we had 20 friends in common so it wasn't even creepy and plus he could talk to me then. He denied it! WHY?

sorry, ignore the "request" after friend. That's not supposed to be placed there haha


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  • he sounds like a shy asian friend of mine... do you talk to him on facebook?

    • Haha no. This guy isn't asian...I met him at school and when I friend requested him on facebook, he denied the request

    • Just confront him because he sounds like me. If he showed interest here and there then obviously he likes you and wishes that he could do something about but probably can't think of anything positive to get your attention.

    • Okay. thank you :-)

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