I want to be the dancer at my fiancee's bachelor's party, good plan?

I definitely don't want his friends to get some strippers yuck. So I just thought of the idea of being a surprise myself! Me and 2 omy sexiest bffs go to my bachelorette party first with all the other girls then drop at the bachelor party. His friends would tell him we have a surprise for you! Your girlfriend decided to higher dancers after all! But she chose them and you have to be blind folded the entire time and hands tied up behind your back on a chair. Then the song we practiced to starts playing and we walk in and dance. Of course someone takes a video and he won't know it was me until the day after when he sees it but all his friends will! We obviously wouldn't strip lol but would be wearing short matching dancer dresses and mine would be white! I'd give him a lap dance myself and maybe even convince my friends to give his friends one blind folded(his closest SINGLE friends) guys do you think you'd like this if your girlfriend did this for you? It's just one song and we leave

Just a note cause people don't seem to get it in any way.

Where I'm from you don't simply higher a stripper. This isn't America. It's a religious country and we believe in abstinence until marriage, forever marriage, no divorce ever. It's not about any insecurities - not every culture allows certain things come on!


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  • Absolutely terrible plan.

    The whole thing just reeks of your insecurity and your desperate need to be with him on his bachelors night out, like you don't trust him.

    • RE;Update - well if that is true, and not just an excuse because you don't like the answers, it's still a terrible idea.

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  • No.

    If you're not comfortable with dancers, then have that discussion with him. I didn't have strippers at mine. I've gone to others where a strip club was part of it.

    Beyond the 'no' its hard to know what to say about what might happen, because strip clubs differ greatly between countries. In most though, there's a significant difference between a strip -club- and 'hiring strippers'.


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  • bad idea. he won't know it's you, so any reactions he has will be to "the dancer." if he gets hard, it's not you turning him on it's some stranger. plus, the appeal of dancers is what they look like. he can't enjoy the visual blindfolded.

    • Honestly I don't mind if he gets turned on as long as I'm the one touching him even if he doesn't know its me cause its just one time.. and I wanted to do it as a sort of cool surprise for him and his friends and I don't think I'll be touching him so much and for so long that he'd get hard. Especially in front of a room of people he'll probably just be laughing and embarrassed lol. The only thing is I'm certain he'll know its me when I touch him

    • since you are anon we have no idea where you are from, so we think where we are from, in my case usa. and if my guy wanted to go to a strip club, I'd ask to come with! because I like all genders. I've always wanted to go...and after seeing magic mike I'm thinking of hitting up the next male review that comes to town. I get what you are saying about the cultural difference though. I have a different mindset is all.

  • Bad idea. If I did that to my guy he'd be pissed. It's just one night, like you said. I trust my guy so that night I'm going to put all my faith in that trust and let him have his fun with his boys. If you trust him normally, you should certainly be able to trust him in a strip club. It's not about you that night, it's about him having fun with the GUYS. I just really think it's a bad idea. Sadie-lynn is right too, lap dances are a visual thing, watching is most the fun.

    • Haha even if it is a bad idea I would never let my guy go to a stripclub and he'd never let me do it either. THAT is what I believe is an obviously bad idea! You don't let your fiancee go to a strip club what is wrong with you seriously?! That's what a single guy would do not someone who's gonna get married! Trust him at a strip club?! What does that even mean?! Trust that he won't get turned on by another girl? Haha then what would be the point of the strip club? Sorry yours idea is much worse

    • Wow, just wow. My guy hasn't gone to a strip club the whole time we've been together (3 years). When it comes to his Bach party though, yea, his friends will probably take him there, it's his 'last night out'. You really think you're the only one who can turn your guy on? You're crazy. Whether strip club or at the damn mall, guys are visually stimulated by attractive women, whether they're taken or not. I trust my guy to NOT take action on that attraction. Grow up & grow some confidence.