Guys do you think that it would be absolutely horrible too be married to the worlds....

Guys do you think that would be absolutely horrible to be married to the worlds fattest woman if she was your type and was OK with bieng her size like 1400 lbs? and what if she were royalty and you had to marry her for some crazy reason?


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  • If a person even got to e that big I could just imagine how terrible their life would be, granted they even lived that long. I mean really, when you can barely physically move and its a workout just to lift your arm, that's not good.

    • True, unless they are proud to be that big

    • I don't think there's anyone out there there that would truly enjoy being that big

  • He'd be married to her but would be banging the mistress and the maids

    • No

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    • You honestly think that I would let someone who was over 1000 pounds lay on top of me ?get out of here! That's deplorable that's deplorable oh my gosh that's deplorable

    • lol however you get your kicks man

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