Hypothetical wedding, bridesmaids chosen for me.. No choice.

I was out to dinner with my partner and his family and the topic came up about if we were to get married, his sister and he immediately went and said I HAD to have the sisters as bridesmaids.. I don't know but if it's our wedding don't I at least get a say in who my bridesmaids are? Yes this is retarded as we are not even engaged, but the thought of them saying I had to have these people annoyed me. Am I making a big deal over this?


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  • No not at all. It is set for centuries, that the man will choose his best man, and the female will choose her maids and maid of honour. Alswo the bride to be gets to tell the people who arrange and get everything done, exactly how she wants it, because this is the bride to be's day, no one elses. This day is all about her, so she writes the rules, she makes the choices. So if anyone preaches who is going to be your brides maids, then stop them short and tell them, well at the end of the day, if the maids I choose are not next to me, then the words I do won't be spoken,x


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  • Its pretty normal to include your future sister and laws, and similarly, for him to include your brothers among groomsmen, especially if they're pretty close.


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