Qualities you look for in a wife/husband?

What qualities do you look for in a potential husband/ wife and why?


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  • 1. Communication skills- we need to be able to talk casually, openly and honestly about absolutely anything without getting into a fight.

    2. Best Friends- We need to be best friends. Not each others' only best friend but one of each others' best friends. That's the only way long term love works.

    3. Smart OR willing to learn. He doesn't need to know everything, he doesn't need to be super intelligent, he doesn't need to have a college or high school degree, I just need to be able to have an intelligent conversation with him. Whether that means he's contributing or just asking questions or listening and learning it doesn't matter. I'd do the same for him so I'd like him to be that way for me.

    4. Kind/caring/loving/all that shit. I need someone who is empathetic, open and kind. Someone who will be caring, who will talk about their feelings openly and who expresses themselves. Also someone who isn't afraid to show how much they care. I'd do the same, of course.

    5. Someone who is willing to work through our problems. Who won't just give up because the going might get tough.

    6. Someone who is willing to ask for help.

    7. Someone who isn't too clingy or needy. We both should have our own lives and our own friends and we don't, and shouldn't, do every single thing together.

    8. Someone who's nerdy and likes comics and video games and D&D and MTG and all that.

    9. Someone who is of average build, no six-packs or washboard abs. I want a normal guy, even someone a little overweight is fine. Also body hair, I want a medium amount of body hair.

    10. Someone who respects me, who admires me. And I want someone who I respect and admire as well.

    11. Someone who is a good team player, splitting bills, sharing responsibilities, such and the like.

    12. Someone who pushes me and helps me to be my best, as I will for them.

    That's all I can think of right now...


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  • For me it is sincerity, companion and trust.

  • Like many men, I don't want to get married.


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  • Qualities that I look for in a husband:

    -will accept me as who I am


    -traditional live-style

    -someone who inspires me to be someone better

    -someone who cares about his family just as he would about mine

    -someone who will challenge my way of thinking sometimes and to be able to compromise /integrate ways of thinking

    -has to have the capacity to endure the hard times with

    -is polite and considerate of others

    -hardworking and diligent towards family and work

    -is culturally diversified

    -has innocence child-like qualities and sense of humor

    -loves children

    -good moral integrity

    -is both a public and private person

    -enjoys the country and wants to one day settle in the country

    -chastity (has not had sex yet)

  • I was told once to "marry the kind of man you'd want your future sons to be." Intelligent, responsible, respectful, kind, honest, fun to be around. Those are my biggest priorities.

  • Hot, rich, intelligent.

  • warm loving personality, good with children, wants children, has a career, has an education of at least a Bachelors degree though a masters and above is preferred. He can cook, is independent, has a car, little to no debt, a good credit score, no ex girlfriend drama and no children..He should be considered universally attractive.

    Reasons are pretty obvious.. I feel things define a good person... it means he is ambitious, motivated, secure both financially and emotionally.

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