Duties of a Maid of Honor?

I was asked to be maid of honor. I think the person asked me more out of obligation rather than how close we are.

We grew up together, because our parents got married, and we were so incredibly close but as the years passed, we definitely went our separate ways.

I love her dearly and I was honored that she asked me, however, she hasn't been including me in any decision making, or even asking for my opinion or sharing special moments with her.

Is this normal? I sometimes think that maybe she doesn't want to be bossy/pushy and that maybe I should step up and ask, but I also don't want to comes off as desperate or even overstep boundaries because she has been doing a lot of things with her mom, which is normal and fine.

What's the right thing?


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  • Maids of honors tend to go dress shopping and helping with decisions and a lot of other stuff. just talk to her about it

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