Going solo to a wedding?

My boyfriend is invited to a wedding and wants me to come along with him; however, I already have something going on that day with some relatives so I can't. I kind of feel bad though, because I know it would suck for him to go to the wedding solo.

I suggested that he bring a female friend along, but he said there weren't any he could think of bringing. The last option would be either a male friend or going solo, but I feel bad either way :(

What should I do? Guys, would you be upset if you were put in such a situation?


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  • I wouldn't be upset at all. That's something women tend to worry about, not men.

    He probably made sure to invite you because he knows women are often upset if their boyfriends don't invite them to weddings.

    • gotcha, that makes sense.

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  • Not at all. It is good to have alone time every now and again. Missing someone is what the heart is for.

    • would you go solo or take a male friend or what?

    • Let's see...I go to clubs solo, I go to work solo, I enjoy spending time with a certain someone solo...yeah I personally would just say 'Okay Honey, we'll do the next one together. Have a good time'

    • Thank you :)

  • If you really had something going on I would understand...I don't agree about men not worrying about such things...just for different reasons...I'm a guy...a wedding isn't really my thing unless it's mine, or my best friends or something...having you there would make him more comfortable, but he would understand I would hope


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