Married man... showing signs to mistress. Real or fake feelings?

I've been working with this man for about a year now. He has been married for 2 years and of course has a family. Spend more time at work, because of work hours, so that being said, we always see each other. In fact, he is my trainer. Now, flirting started about a month ago, I've always been attracted to him, but never showed it due to the fact I already knew he was married. untill recently.

The chemistry has grpwm very strongly with each other. Now, I am a straight up honest person. so when flirting became more physical (not having sex tho), I flat out said we will not have sex because u are married. He agrees.

He has been saying he feels a stronger bond between us compared to his wife. And says a lot of sweet things. Tho him saying that... I remind him that I believe it is lust n not love. Even tho saying that, he says we dont need to have sex, I just want you to hold and kiss... even tho we have never kissed.

Sounds confusing but I don't know how to feel... I am the type to end up fallen for those who are taken. But have always had sex before they even said anything about having deep emotions for me.

Not asking if he would leave one for another... but are his feelings that he expresses for me true?


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  • it's all b. s. regardless. It simply doesn't matter what he says because he sounds like a guy who just wants what he wants when he wants it. He's been with his wife for two years. If he truly doesn't feel a bond with her he should get a divorce. But to get involved with a guy who just goes about giving you lip service without proving his true devotion through his actions.

    to me his feelings may be true on some level but on the deep kind of level a person should want feelings to exist and manifest his feelings are not true


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  • FAKE.

    Do you honestly need this spelled out for you?


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  • Keep away he's a married man & he's playing you.

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