Do guys ever ask "What if we end up getting married?" as a joke?

Last night the guy I'm f*cking said we had to talk about what it was that was going on between us, and we established that he has no time for a relationship, and he didn't want to hurt anybody, so if I felt it was unhealthy for me, he'll be okay with me walking away. I said I'm not even looking for a relationship and am very much enjoying being free, and that we shouldn't overanalyse anything, we should just enjoy ourselves.

And then when he turned off the light, he said the most awful thing that sent a chill of fear through my blood, "Haha, what if we end up getting married?"

I just went ". WHAT?" on my side of the bed in the dark. And he just wiggled himself into a sleeping position. W. T. F? WHAT?

Why was that thought EVEN IN THERE?

He's 36 and i'm 27. There's not ONE OUNCE of him that could be serious right? We've fucking only known each other a MONTH.

and LAST WEEK!!! I went over to his because he called me over, and while i helped fold laundry, he said, "is it just me or are we already getting comfortable?" I said, "I think it's just you." wtf. what i get for just being helpful. Honestly.


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  • Maybe he thinks because you have the same disinterest for a relationship that you find the satire funny. He probably just loves that you genuinely enjoy being single. A guy said that to me once in the same situation.

    The other possibility is that he could just secretly love denying women his commitment and thus is bent that he doesn't have this affect on you and wants you to fall for him. I know another guy like that. Ugh!


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  • First off, I find it hard to believe that there are women like you out there. Where do y'all hide? I digest...

    I believe that you're with a guy who wants to be in a serious relationship. Then again, it's only been a month and he's already talking that way? Hmmm, you must have special walls that are driving him crazy. As you mentioned, his 36 (wonder if he's been married before) and could possible be interested to start a family. Unfortunately, he meet you and may believe that he can possibly have a serious relationship with you. It's best if you sit him down and re-talk about what your "relationship" is with him.

    • He hasn't been married before. And exactly. It's only been a month and the f*cker is freaking me out with some of the things that come out of his mouth. F*ck.

  • lol trust... he's been thinking about it

    is it that bad?

    i mean you guys are both f*ckin each other... im sure there is some kind of attraction there

    • WHAT? oh my GOD, someone please talk to me, please help me. It's not a bad thing, but why do I feel so thoroughly fearful :( :( ?

      We've only known each other a month. :(

    • I Like him a LOT. But I don't even know what I want in a guy. And I came out of a bad relationship last year where the guy wanted to marry me. There shouldn't be a psychological connection but I feel SO SO fearful and I can't help but feel that last year's relationship is in part to blame. :( I just want to stay friends with this new guy. :( I like him SO SO MUCH :(

  • He may be 36 and not have time for a relationship right this second, but it's highly unlikely that he never thinks of marriage. Guys can be just as susceptible to thinking "Is she the one?" though they tend to be rarer than girls who do this.

    I wouldn't be certain he was joking. I would think he was broaching the subject *while* still not wanting a serious relationship right now. He might be laying groundwork now for getting serious six months from now.


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