Both Married, fell in love, and then no contact?

We started off the affair knowing both of us where happily married, but agreed to the affair. At first he would text me every minute of the day, he would see me every morning for breakfast he just could not get enough of me. He told me that he loved me but we knew we would never be together. All of a sudden the text messages was fewer and his visits became less. He would chat to me when it suited him, he would contact me if he wanted to chat to me. We would make love when he wanted me. It all of a sudden felt that it was all about him. Two days before the break up we spent the entire day together we had so much fun together and he again told me that he loves me so much. The next day he was so cold towards me and I decided to break it off with him. He agreed so quick and now it seems like i have never existed in his live. How can someone go from loving you so much to ice cold the next day. I really need the opinion of a guy here.

This affair went on for over a year.


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  • an affair is an affair, its going to be transient by nature. if it was a proper relationship, you both would have left your previous partners and then started something new together.

    maybe his wife was getting suspicious, and rather than have his marriage implode he just did things when he could, eg, when he wanted to.

    nothing here strikes me as being strange other then you thinking it was something that was going to last.


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  • Well either way.. you guys both deserved this...

    If you think this was going to last you are nuts.

    I feel worse for your husband and that guys wife. Both of them don't deserve to be cheated on...


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  • Sounds like you got what you deserved. Nothing at all.

  • He has a wife. Someone he intends on spending the rest of his life with. Clearly in his mind, you were just a piece of @ss. Don't be surprised, you put yourself in that situation.