My wife has sudden mood swings, is this normal during arguments?

I'm at lost and don't even know why is this happening. I'm even ashamed of admitting this but this is what is happening:

We've been married for 2 years now (no kids yet) and it all started last year. But recently, there have been a couple of time where during arguments, I had to grab her wrists because she was trying to dig her nails into my face while screaming how much she hates me and how I made her mad. It always seems to take a long while for her to calm down again and most of the time she apologizes afterwards but then she's mean again later on.

Just a couple weeks she threw the remote control at me in anger and my mouth bled a bit. Sometimes I like to think it's all a bad dream or something so weird I'm dealing with. She was different when we were dating and engaged. Or is this just a depressive/mood swings stage she's going through that she has to get out of her system and will return back to being the same woman I met?

Worst of all I can't even understand what I'm doing wrong. Her rages seem to been getting worse. It's like she hates me. But now, it's followed by her trying to attack me. I've never had anything like this happening with my other past ex gfs.


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  • Ok…she's being abusive and it's not normal or acceptable. When she's calm, you need to sit her down and tell her that you're worried about her. Tell her that it hurts you (literally) when she gets upset and it seems like it's more frequent. Tell her that you'd like both of you to see someone together to work it out so you can have a healthy relationship that doesn't involve vicious fights. Granted, the therapy will ideally be for her, but if you go under the guise of the two of you, it will sound less accusatory.

    If she refuses or becomes violent again, leave. Seriously…walk out. Stay the night at a friend's house. Just because she's a woman and you're a man doesn't make it ok for her to physically hurt you.

    • Thank you for MH. Please keep us updated!

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  • She seems violent

    She needs help...


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