Can my parents plan my wedding?

I'm not getting married anytime soon. But when I was younger and even to this day, I never dreamed about my future wedding. I only dreamed after the life I would have after marriage.
I kinda dread when someone says their getting married and they're much younger than me. But then when I think of getting married, I think of all the stress that goes into the wedding.
It will put me under a lot of stress if I planned my wedding. Obviously, I would have some say in it. Like who the bridesmaids and groomsmen will be, the songs and what we'll do at the reception. I don't want to have the flower toss. I'd rather do something else and everyone does that already.


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  • There's something called wedding planner. You're afraid for the stress but if you can avoid to give that stress to your parents, that could be good to.

    • Oh I forgot about a wedding planner! I would probably go ahead with that. I know a woman whom I used to do Girl Scouts with and she's now a wedding planner. So maybe I'll be choosing her.

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  • You could give that task to your parents, but do you think they'll do a good job? Not sure if i'd let my parents plan my wedding xD

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