What does it mean when your guy frequently checked out a girl on Facebook ?

We are married for almost two years now. I just got home from a project out of the country (lasted for 1.5years). We're really open and happy together. Today, he lend me his iPad to play some games. I got curious and went to his FB. I noticed in his search history that he has always checked girl or two while we're far from each other. What do you think that means?


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  • Understand hun that its hard being away from your love one especially for that long most likely he remained loyal to you because he cares and is married to you i believe that you have nothing to worry about he just misses you and instead of confronting him about this try spending time with him and making memories that he can hold on to so the next time your gone he has something of you like put together a scrapbook together of pictures of you and him together so the next time your far away he has more of you with him everyday weather its a scrapbook of pictures you will be the one he's thinking of i really wouldn't bring this up it is really hard being away from someone you clearly have grown so close to

    • I almost cried reading your advise.. I felt like I missed a big part of our relationship while I was away.. and I need to fill that in.. I need to catch up.. :(

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    • Thank you so much. Your comments made me feel better.

    • your welcome :)

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  • Ask him. Obviously you're suspicious about something. He could've been having an affair or it could just be a girl he knew non-romantically.

    • I will.. but how can I be sure that he will answer me truthfully?

    • His mannerisms. If he's unusually defensive or elusive, then you may have something to worry about. It's about going with your instincts.

    • Thank you Johnny. I just hope nothing's going on. :(

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