What do you look for in women/men who you would marry?

Honesty? Charisma? Dorky?

First thing you think of when you see this question, write it down.


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  • The first things I would look for is if she's a spiritual woman, if she understands the importance of communication, is she caring, understands the importance of being committed and loyal to me as I am to her, she has outgoing and has a great sense of humor, she a genuine pleaser, she's considerate of others... my list can go one for days. The women who have everything that I've listed so far are either married or in a serious relationship. Any guy who would let a woman like her go would be a fool.


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  • 1. sweet/kind heart/reserved/forgiving
    2. great mother
    3. beautiful
    4. respects me/understands my complex brain
    5. likes touching/to be touched/gentle
    6. strives to please me as i would her

  • I FUCKING hate dogs. So I must insist that our married life be completely free of pets in our home.

    • your requirements... MUST NOT LOVE DOGS
      ? what qualities would you want your partner to have?

What Girls Said 5

  • Committed, honest, loyal, attractive (To me. I dont care if others dont find him attractive haha), funny, loving, caring, loving, serious, a tad bit on the jealous side, he can cook, good career/education, time-manageable, knows what he wants, spontaneous sometimes, accepts my family, isn't violent/scary, compromiseable (if thats even a word lol) and is quite intelligent.. sorry if it seems too much /: I just basically described the boy version of me haha. But it would be the kind of guy Id marry. It would be the ideal husband for me, but so long as I love him for him, I won't complain

  • A big kind heart. FUN and funny. Communication skills.

    • yes big kind <3 is very important :)
      where's standUp?

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    • He said he was ready to leave for some time and stayed for a while because I was here and also because he was burnt out.

    • Too stress at work? Hope he is feeling better now

  • 1. Kind
    2. Funny
    3. Intelligent
    4. Respectful
    5. Adventurous
    6. Charming

  • 1. sincerity ( i realised this is very impt to me now)
    2. loyalty
    3. commitment
    4. kindness

  • Being religious is the most important thing I look for in a guy.

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