Do you think its bad juju to het a ring that soneone already pawned?

My boyfriend wants to take me to get an engagement ring, and his first thought was to go to the pawn shop. We dont have a bunch of money to waste, so I see where he's coming from, but i feel like it would be bad juju to get one fron the pawn shop, i mean it clearly didn't work out one time... what do you think?

  • i dont believe in things like that/ go for it
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  • i agree with you/ dont go to the pawn shop.
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  • There's all sorts of reasons they could end up there. Buyer changed his mind, were widowed, exchanged for something better down the road. The positives about finding one at a pawn shop I think are that they're usually older additions and hard to come buy, and you might find something really unique that you love, plus the saved money obviously.

    I get how it can be a little weird not knowing the previous history of it but really rings are just symbolic. Your relationship should be strong enough to not have worry about this. Its the faith you two have not a piece of metal and stone. And if you are superstitious enough to consider this one, just think... maybe it didn't work for the last person (s) because it was meant to work for you.


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  • Well, people at one point sold their rings to get much needed money. I dont see a real problem with it. If its a nice ring, go for it.

    • Well i was thinking more along of the lines, as the relationship didn't work out and they got rid of the rings, but i didn't think of that perspective. Thanks for the input!

    • How do you like my redneck wedding?


    • Yea, im not having a redneck wedding

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  • Yes, it's bad juju.

    Good thing I don't believe in juju. :p

    But that being said, I'd be miffed if I ever found out he got it from the pawn shop lol... it's just the shallow principle of the matter. Just like I'd be miffed if he got it from Costco lol

    • Well our choices are walmart or pawnshop! Lol this town is tiny, and im not about to spend 1000 on a ring from the "proper store" when my rent is only 650

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    • Whatever you say.

    • lol! You can get married like a redneck. Buy a ring at a cosco or pawn shop, go to a small church wearing your normal clothes say your vows and go to a football game for your honeymoon. heh heh heh!