He's in jail... What would you do?

My husband & I are going through a divorce. I left him in January because he had multiple affairs & was being abusive. I'm pregnant & our baby is soon to be due.

I got a call today saying he was in jail, & another from the guy he's been staying with, who said he didn't want him living there anymore, & thought he was doing drugs.

He has court on Monday & I would like to know first hand his charges & the results. However, I haven't been talking to him, & I'm not sure if that's weird for me to go, or not... Should I go?


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  • If you want to be involved in his life and help him, not as a lover but as a friend, then you should probably go. Otherwise just forget about him and put him out of your mind, maybe giving him a chance if he gets his act together.


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