Should cousin marriage be legal?

Should marriage between (first) cousins (in other words, you share one pair of grandparents) be legal?

Some facts to consider:

1. Cousin marriage is legal in (almost all of) Europe , Russia, the Middle East, Japan, North Africa, southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and throughout Americas except in 30 US states. In other words, legal cousin marriage is the global norm.

2. The risk of birth defects is talked about a lot, but actually the risks are exaggerated. The chance that a non-cousin couple’s child will have birth defects is 3%. The risk for a first-cousin couple is 4.7% to 5.8%, which is the same risk as for a woman aged over 40. Yet, of course, women aged over 40 are legally allowed to get married and have children. Bear in mind that we also don't stop people with serious, inheritable illnesses, like HIV/AIDS, from marrying and having kids.

  • Yes.
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  • Yes, but only if they’re incapable of having children: they’re same-sex or she’s past menopause or they’re otherwise infertile.
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  • Yes, because imposing subjective forms of morality onto others is bullshit.


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  • There might not be physical defects but they are susceptible to getting diseases more readily than other people who are not born out of incest relationships.

    Their immune system might not work properly or something internally is not working at an optimal level. They also aged faster.

  • No. I only say that because in our day and age, it is weird. I could never think of marrying my cousin, he is my family.

    • I know what you mean. I'm repelled by the idea of marrying my cousin too. But think about it. Straight people are repelled by the idea of having sexual relations with the same sex: it's that sense of repulsion that makes us straight. And of course straight people are the overwhelming majority of the population. That surely doesn't mean gay sexual relations should be banned.

  • A. I think if I remember correctly where I live it is legal already

  • In my family cousins are not considered family - we rarely ever talk to our family - my cousins only care about money and looks - if you have neither you are not counted as family.

  • Yup sure do what you want. I don't really think the government should have a say in who can and can't marry as long as they're both CONSENTING and ADULTS.

    Do I think it's wrong to marry your cousin? Yes, I do, but as far as the law goes, no I don't believe in imposing my beliefs just because on anyone else. Up into Victorian times (which isn't that long ago if you think about it) it was pretty common for people to marry their cousins.

    Oh and the chances of having a baby with a dysfunction from having sex with your cousin is about the same as a woman over 40 having a baby period.


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  • I guess but i would hope that most of them would adopt so we retardation does not increase in the public.

  • Maybe with no kids.

  • Yes. Because Love is Love!