Have you, or someone you know end up marrying your ex?

Have you or someone you know ended up marrying someone they used to date in the past? An ex? Let's say they broke up, long time passes and they don't see each other at all, they reunite for some reason and the love spark is there again, and they end up getting married? If you do, how did it happened?

It's because I had this weird thought about it.


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  • Haven't personally but my friend dated a girl when he was a Jr. in h.s. and they broke up several months later. Then they re-united when they were around 27 a got married. What's you weird thought?

    • Wow is very nice they reunited and got married after such a long time!. My weird thought its mainly because I once dated a guy who kept telling me he liked me a LOT and he showed it with his actions. But sadly it didn't work out :(. But I was just wondering what if we meet again someday.

    • Oh I see. I did date a girl twice about 6 months apart but that's the closest I've been. :)

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  • My cousin married her ex from high school. Obviously they both grew up quite a bit in between.


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  • n top that a friend of mine remarried his ex wife. Not sure how or why but it happened.