Girls if you were married would you leave ur partner if you didn't like him or found someone else?

Would you leave your partner of you were together for 4 years and got married for 1 ?


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  • I Know I'm not a girl but will answer anyway. If your not happy end it no point being with somone for the sake of it you deserve to be happy,

    • What if you two dated for 4 years and got married and then divorced and she got with some one a year later is engaged

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  • When you're married, the point at which divorce is a viable and acceptable option is when you're not angry or sad and are able to calmly walk away because if a relationship isn't working, it's not working.

  • Why on earth would you get married if you didn't like them? This though boggles my mind.

    • What if you did like them? But then she I don't know left him right away don't think she didn't like him? She left lasted a year and i kno for a fact he didn't cheat she's now engaged to some one