How to Ease Wedding and Travel Anxiety?

Hello everyone so I was wondering how you would/Did ease the anxiety of getting married and taking a trip. I am Marrying the love of my life after 6 years and 2 kids and the closer the wedding comes The More Anxiety I get, plus the anxiety of our trip to California.

I hate taking medications so Please don't even suggest that.

But I just need to know what your opinions are are to ease it?


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  • What are you anxious about?

    • Everything making sure that everything goes right for the wedding, then flying and making sure everything goes alright when I travel. I haven't flown in almost 14 years so I'm nervous and stuff about that. Its all just setting in

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    • Unfortunately My mind over analyzes everything every detail. All the detail that I wanted for my wedding I cut out about $12,000 in detail and my mind is still over analyzes the small amount of detail there is left. I have about 150 coming to the Reception so making sure I have enough food and seating and entertainment for everyone is what I am worried about. I stay up most nights until 2 am trying to figure last minute wedding things out and to me Get no where. This is where my Trouble lies. And so yes in all reality I am standing in my own way, but I don't know how to stop the anxiety

    • What I'm saying is that you have to change how your mind looks at it. Instead of worrying, I'm asking you to envision the absolute WORST thing that could happen. Then you will likely see that the WORST thing isn't really that bad.

      So using your example...the WORST thing that could happen is that people leave hungry. So the WORST thing that happens is that they have to stop at McDonalds afterwards. If that's the WORST scenario, then it's not really that bad.

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